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Save 1% On

  • Get 1% instant cashback when you spend at

  • Choose from a list of 100+ retailers to earn Curve Cash*

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“The cashback rewards are really good. Money for nothing!”

- Sumeet - Curve Customer

What is Curve?

Curve is not a bank. We are better. We are mission control for your money. We are an Over-The-Top Banking Platform that enhances and secures all your debit and credit cards in one smart card and app.

Save on Hotels

Booking that dream holiday? Earn Curve Cash every time you use so you can spoil yourself on that trip of a lifetime!

3 nights7 nights14 nights
3 nights7 nights14 nights
Greek island getaway for 2£472 → Save £4£622 → Save £6£1,244 → Save £12
Thailand adventure for 2£442 → Save £4£1,254 → Save £12£3,660 → Save £36
New York City break for family of 4£1,248→ Save £12£2,892 → Save £28£5,219 → Save £52
Florida vacation for a family of 4£1,770 → Save £17£3,952 → Save £39£7,451 → Save £74
These prices are provided as an example and have no co-relation to any information available on

Here’s how easy it is to get Curve Cash

  1. Download Curve from the App Store for free

  2. Activate your card and select from list of 100+ brands*

  3. Earn Curve Cash at your favourite retailers

  4. Start spending Curve Cash instantly

1% for Free - Instantly

Don’t wait for your rewards to appear in your bank balance. With the free Curve app, earn 1% cashback, instantly. You choose 3 or 6 retailers depending on which Curve card you have and earn 1% instant Curve Cash on the purchases you make. Earn money while spending.

Yes, it pays to spend

Awesome brands and retailers to select from: Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Booking, Starbucks and 100+ moreOn everything you spend, you earn: 1%
Retailers you can select to earn Curve Cash: 3-6Eliminate hidden bank fees when spending abroad*

Select your favourites from 100+ brands

We’ve doubled our list of retailers you can earn Curve Cash at to 100+ brands including Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, Spotify, Deliveroo, McDonald’s, Uber and many more.

Get rewarded for your weekly grocery shop. Or your daily commute. Or even your Netflix binge watch.

Reap the extra rewards

  • No hassle, no risks, no hidden costs Earn 1% instant Curve Cash at your selected retailers - it’s as simple as that!

  • Double up You could get double rewards when you use your eligible cashback bank or credit card with Curve.**

  • Security and secure Instant notifications, advanced encryption technology, and the best purchase coverage.

  • Spend worldwide Spend your Curve Cash anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

*Subject to our Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy.

**Whether you get rewards or cashback or similar benefits from your underlying card is dependent on your underlying card issuer and may be dependent on numerous factors including but not limited to merchant category code, merchant ID, etc.

Curve Cash is funded by Curve. Curve has no commercial relationship with and this post is not sponsored by