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*Curve Metal is currently only available in the UK
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Your Perfect Match

Imagine all your cards in one beautiful brushed metal card and an even smarter app.

Curve Metal is an exquisitely-crafted work of art from the physical product to its exclusive benefits and rewards, plus all the signature features from Curve.

The only card you'll ever need

Imagine all your cards in one beautiful brushed metal card and an even smarter app.

Curve Metal is an exquisitely-crafted work of art from the physical product to its exclusive benefits and rewards. You get all the perks of Curve: 1% instant cashback, zero-fee currency exchange, instant notifications, Go Back in Time and more.

In addition, Curve Metal offers unparalleled benefits, exclusive experiences and a new level of financial freedom. Download the app now.

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Curve Metal Blue card

Explore the line-up

Choose the colour that speaks to you

Curve Metal cards come in a range of distinctive hues to match your personality.

  • Blue Curve metal card

    Blue Steel

  • Blue Steel
  • Red (Limited Edition)
  • Rose Gold

One millimetre, endless benefits

Blue Curve metal card
  • 18g

    brushed metal cards in three colours

  • 1%

    cashback in 6 premium retailers

  • Free

    foreign ATM withdrawal up to £600 /month*

  • £800

    gadget coverage**

  • £25K

    rental car collision damage waiver insurance**

  • £15M

    medical travel insurance**

Time travel. Standard with every card

Used the wrong card to pay for a flight or lunch? Don’t worry...

Our Go Back in Time feature lets you switch your transactions between cards, within 14 days of your purchase, for free!

Curve app showing a transaction using time travel
Hand holding a iPhone with the Curve app open

Save up to 5% abroad*

Travel with no fees

With Curve Metal you enjoy exclusive unlimited fee-free transactions anywhere you go.

So, you can spend your money on the trip, not the transactions.

Worldwide Travel Insurance**

Travel safer

Metal provides comprehensive travel coverage for you and your loved ones, provided by AXA Travel Insurance.

Up to £15 million in medical cover, lost luggage, flight delays and more.

Plane window over looking a city at night

Car Rental Insurance**

Enjoy the Road

With Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Insurance provided by AXA Travel Insurance, you’ll be covered on a trip.

Car with head lights on
Servicing a cocktail at a bar

LoungeKey access*

Travel in style

Get access to hundreds of LoungeKey airport lounges worldwide at an amazing discount.

Love your toys? So do we.

We’ll protect all of your gadgets, including existing ones. So, go play; you’re covered.

Love your toys? So do we

  • Smartphone


  • E-Reader


  • Tablet


  • LaptopLaptop


  • Chromebooks


  • Headphone


Don’t fret, don’t fear. Curve Metal protects your gadgets up to the tune of £800 per claim.**

Red iPhone with Curve app open
Back of red iPhone
Red iPhone with Curve app open

Red Limited Edition

Join the Red elite as a proud owner of our most stylish and exclusive card.

Curve Metal Red card
Hand holding a Curve Metal card

Shop safely

With every Curve card you are entitled to our Curve Customer Protection for up to £100,000, adding another layer of safety between you and unscrupulous sellers.

Welcome to financial freedom

Get your Curve Metal today and free your money with style.

  • blue steel colourBlue Steel
  • Red colourRed (Limited Edition)
  • Rose gold colourRose Gold
£14.99/month(£150 if paid annually in advance)

No credit checks required.

*Subject to our Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy.

**For AXA Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions, click here.

*** If you joined Curve before the 16/02/2018 please see here for more information about your rewards programme.

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